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Individual Volunteering

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New members & new ideas are always welcome

You can volunteer for as little as an hour per week to support Al Younbouh Rehabilitation Center, by giving a class, such as language, math, art, dance, music, theatre, gymnastics, sport or other.

You can also provide specialized services, such as medical or dental treatment directly to the students or volunteer assistance directly to the center in the form of IT, maintenance services, and other services.

Volunteer for a Committee

The Women’s Voluntary Committee organizes awareness and fund raising events, in addition to running a pastry kitchen all year round.

Kitchen Apron's & Towels

The main event is the annual “Walk with Al Younbouh” held every year in May. Women also cater their annual brunch held on the terrace of Al Younbouh premises during the first week of June. The committee organizes a yearly garage sale.

A major new venture in 2010 is an exclusive range of kitchen aprons and towels, designed by the Women’s Voluntary Committee. These items, while useful at home, also make great gifts or “souvenirs from Lebanon”. They are on sale at the Center.

The Youth Voluntary Committee, originally created by university students to offer social support to the students, has recently added a yearly Christmas Carol Concert to their list of activities.

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